The following is a collection of handouts, presentation slides, and other materials prepared for various presentation.  You are welcome to use these materials; please maintain credits and copyrights for our work.  All materials are available on an as-is basis.  Some of these files are quite large PDF files; be patient while they download.

ATMI/CMS Conference Presentations by Peter R. Webster and David Brian Williams

  • CMS/ATMI Virtual 2020: “Reflections on Thirty-Five Years of ATMI Presentations and Trends Toward Equity of Technology Access for Diverse Music Experiences in Education.”
  • Santa Fe 2016:  Pre-Conference Keynote: "Technology's Role in Achieving Creativity, Diversity, and Integration 
in the Undergraduate Music Curriculum"
  • Indianapolis 2015
    • Music Technology Competencies: An International Perspective: Continuation of Multi-year Study (PDF of Slides)
    • Status of Online Collegiate Textbooks for Music Teaching and Learning
       (PDF of Slides)
  • St. Louis 2014:  Defining Undergraduate music technology competencies and strategies for learning: A Fourth-year Follow-up with Exemplars.  PDF of slides.
  • Cambridge 2013: Defining Undergraduate music technology competencies and strategies for learning:  A Third-year Progress Report.  PDF of slides.
  • San Diego 2012:  Refining a National Survey on Music Technology Competencies: Active Ways to Engage Students.  PDF of slides 
  • Richmond 2011: Music Technology Skills and Conceptual Understanding for Undergraduate Music Students: A National Survey.  PDF of slides.
  • Minneapolis 2010:  
  • Portland 2009: Advances in Technology: Impact on Music Teaching and Learning.  Handout and PowerPoint Slides (includes audience voting on issues in Session II)
  •  Atlanta 2008:  Designing Music Technology Modules As A Supplement to Traditional Music Classes
  •  Salt Lake City 2007: Social Computing and Music Teaching and Learning: Roots, Realities, and Reasoned Speculation
  • San Antonio 2006: A Distance Education Triptych, Part 1 and Part 2 and the session handout
  • Quebec City 2005: The Underware: Strategies for Enabling Student-Constructed Learning in Music Technology Courses
  • Miami 2003: 20 Years of MIDI
  • Kansas City 2002: Music Computing Goes Mobile
  • Santa Fe 2001: Creating Music Technology Courses
  •  Toronto 2000: Getting Started Using Music Technology: Entry Points Across the College Music Curriculum
  • Denver 1999 (Matrix): Technology Tools for Web Teaching

NASM Workshops

  • Chicago 2006: Current Developments in Music Technology: Technology and the College Music Curriculum
  • Chicago 1999: Music Lab FAQ
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